Dreams, Visions and Encounters

I was going to write a large blog detailing the dreams, visions and encounters I have had with, from and through the Lord. Time has been a problem for me, definitely not enough time to sit and write a long blog. I will add to this blog in pieces as time allows.

My first dream I was given happened when I was fifteen years of age. As a child I always heard my father talking about our Viking heritage, and how our ancestors arrived in Britain with Eric the Red, and this information fired my young imagination to the point that I prayed to the Viking gods each time I was bullied at school. 

During my fifteenth year I had a dream that repeated, in this dream I was standing on a pillar of rock that only had room to stand, this pillar was in an underground cavern and surrounded by fire, and standing over me was a great dragon. The dream repeated until I got scared, then I told my mother who told a lady who lived nearby who was attending a church in the city of Liverpool, this is on the outskirts of Sydney in Australia, the lady said that I needed to go to church, I said I would think about it.

The next Sunday I got on the bus with my mother and grandmother with every intention of attending church, but when I reached the front door of the church I could not enter, there was a solid wall of fear that I physically could not push through. So I got on another bus and went home, on the way home I spoke to the Lord and said “well, if you want me God, you’re going to have to get me through the door!”.

One week later we were on the bus again on the way to church, this time when we arrived, I was able to get through the door without any barrier. I walked up the stairs and into the congregation hall where church was about to get under way. Then I got a surprise, the pastor came running up to me, and I do mean running, once he reached me he grabbed me by the shoulders and said “you’re here, you’re here, I have been waiting for you!”, I was wondering if he greeted every new comer like that?

I sat through the service without much in the way of interest, I think that I was waiting for the service to finish so that I could go outside and suck on a coffin nail (Australian slang for a cigarette). At the end of the service was the call to Salvation, I had no intention of getting up, I never liked getting up in front of people, but the palm of a hand that covered from the nape of my neck to the bottom of my lumbar spine pushed me forward, I was being ‘encouraged’ by the Lord to go forward.

Along with the others that were up front, I parroted the prayer as the pastor spoke, then when I said the words “in Jesus’ name, Amen” I heard a strange sound, like a strong wind blowing, but I couldn’t feel any wind. A moment later I was physically knocked backwards as if I had been kicked in the chest by a horse, I was flat on my back more than a meter from where I had been standing, I think (this was thirty seven years ago) and I was in pain immediately at the base of my sternum, I was also told later that I was laying about an inch off the floor. There were three pastors praying over me, and a short while later a voice spoke out of me, I know it was not my voice, it was a rough and ugly voice, not a teenage boys voice.

This voice that spoke out of me said “NO, this one is mine!”, at that point more pastors joined the prayer, I don’t know how much longer it was, but the presence left me and I was in pain for weeks after, as the Word says ‘when a spirit leaves it tears the flesh’. About a month later I was baptised by immersion in water, my mother and grandmother later told me that I was glowing when I came out of the water.

The dream that started this process repeated again that night, but this time the pillar was a platform, there was no fire or dragon, the cavern was full of light, and there was a path leading from the platform out through an open door, I also vaguely remember seeing a man dressed in white, no beard standing by the door to show me the way out, I think to close the door behind me again. 

This captive had been freed from his captivity by Grace through faith according to the measure given.

In The Navy.

At the age of eighteen I joined the Australian Navy, I was a very good sailor who did my nation proud, but I was a very naughty boy. The old expression says ‘wine, women and song’, but for me it was ‘whiskey, women, women, women and song’, but the Lord still had His hand on my heart and life. I can recall many times the Lord spoke through me, one time I was having a conversation with a Catholic Chaplain, he was asking me to call him father, that caused something to rise up in me that had me saying that I have an Earthly father and a Heavenly Father, and that Jesus is the one who stands between me and my Heavenly Father, the Chaplain didn’t die for me, he didn’t pay the price for me and he is not my Saviour, Jesus did all that for me.

My first deployment at sea was in 1987 on the Frigate HMAS Sydney, and I know the Lord had to be looking after me, I was told a freak wave came up out of the ocean, maybe a tsunami that rose up as we passed over a mid ocean reef as a result of an isolated shallow Earth quake close by in the South Pacific, I was told the wave was higher than the ship and caused the ship to heel steeply, but I was completely unaware of it. 

Next was our arrival in Fiji, half an hour after the commencement of the first coup that rocked that small nation, we spent three weeks tied to the wharf instead of three days.At the end of the three weeks we the captain was contacted by the consulate in the early hours of the morning and told to leave immediately because of a large crowd heading our way, I was pulled out of my bed very early and told to muster in the ship’s cafe or crew dining area, once there I was handed a pistol belt with a loaded 9mm Browning in the holster and an SMG or small (sub) machine gun that was also loaded with a spare magazine and told to man the side to repel boarders. Once on deck I was confronted by the sight of a very large crowd which included armed soldiers, and the soldiers were pointing thier weapons at us and going through the motions of firing thier weapons at us, it was not a pleasant experience.

After trying to negotiate with the crowd for some time without success, so in order to clear the wharf so that the mooring lines could be released and we could head out to sea and safety. At first the captain called for the 50 calibres to be pointed at the crowd and cocked ready for action, no one moved, then he called for the 3 inch main gun to be rotated to face the wharf, once again there was no movement to clear the wharf. As a final attempt the CIWS or close in weapons system which is used for intercepting missiles and/or attacking aircraft, it fires around 3,000 rounds per minute, this weapon was rotated to face the crowd, all conversation in the crowd stopped, then it was tilted to point directly at the crown, there was some backward steps and obvious apprehension, then the gattling type barrel was spun, and faster than I could say praise the Lord, the wharf was clear, our crewmen could get down and let go the lines which enabled us to get out to sea.

In 1991 I was involved in the first Gulf war as a crew member on the HMAS Westralia, on our way up from Australia we underwent intensive simulated battle training, it was almost two weeks of an average of between two and three hours sleep a night. I was trained in first aid to the standard where I could assist a surgeon in an emergency operation, a skill I thank the Lord I never had to use, I was a helicopter load handler, firefighter, damage control, fuelling crew for underway replenishment at sea for both ships and helicopters, I had my regular trade as a wardroom steward and also the chief’s mess steward. At the end of our training period people were starting to collapse from exhaustion, I was pale and had lost a lot of weight, it was then that the captain told the training crew to stop because he didn’t want us dead before the war started, I was so happy to see the back of them.

We arrived in the Persian Gulf the day the war started loaded with 15,000 tons of aviation fuel with 25,000 tons of diesel behind it, we would say in jest that if we hit a mine there would be one flash and we would be ash. We faced threats from air attack, missile, fast attack boats acting as pirates and sea mines that could be set to target a specific ship, to float at any set depth, I had to do shifts standing at the bow of the ship using large binoculars during the day and a thermal camera at night to try and see these mines which were released enmasse by Saddam Hussein. It was during this time that I prayed to the Lord and said “Lord, if you get me out of this alive, You tell me when it is time and I will serve You!”

Upon return to Australia I was told on the quiet by one of the officers I was serving that we had missed three mines by less a minute, and that a Silkworm missile had been fired at us from a shore battery, it was intercepted by a British warship. 

A few months after we got home from the war, my brother was murdered by people he knew and had been warned to stay away from, he had given his heart to the Lord when he was younger, and he listened to my mother’s pleading before he left to go to Sydney from Inverell in the north west of New South Wales to look for work, she begged him to get his heart right with the Lord. Nine years after his untimely death my mother was still mourning his passing, she was sitting thinking about my brother and crying in church when she heard the Lord speak to her, He said “how long will you mourn for your son, don’t you know he is with Me?”

The next year 1992, I was still on the same ship when we were on deployment to South East Asia and I was lifting two cases of soft drink (2 x 24 375 ml cans) when my boss spoke to me from behind, so while holding the cases I decided it would be a good idea without thinking to twist around to see what he wanted to say, I felt two disks in my lower back pop, I had ruptured the two lowest disks, my medical treatment was some panadine forte, three days in bed and three weeks of light duties before returning to full duties. Seven years later the first proper investigation of the injury was undertaken by a civilian doctor who was employed by the Navy, that was when the extent of the injury was discovered, but surgery didn’t happen until 2016, 24 years of chronic pain which I was informed by a woman was worse than child birth.

Before the surgery every nerve in my body was firing off pain messages, it hurt to breathe, it hurt to move even slightly, but I was praising God for more than half of the time I was in intense pain. Why would I praise God during that time I hear someone ask? I praise God because I still had breath, I could still walk, I still had full bladder and bowel control, I didn’t have full feeling in my legs and feet but I could still use them. When I had surgery God provided one of the best surgeons available in Australia, and the post surgery result was a many fold improvement in every way.

I spent three more years in the navy before leaving to get married, big mistake, the marriage lasted ten months after a two year engagement, too much time at sea and at work to see that I had married a lazy drug user. I had transferred to reserves before I got out in 1995, and I transferred back to full time service two years and one month after getting out. So back in to full time in 1997, only to be discharged in 2,000 because of my back injury and Post Trauma Stress Disorder from the war, as well as childhood sexual and physical abuse.

Back into Civvi dress.

Before my medical discharge and while I was on medical leave from the navy I decided to look for a new wife in the classifieds, after a few failed dates I met a Korean lady who had a son from a failed relationship, this was good I thought, a playmate for my daughter and a companion for me. The day I met her she was taking he son to stay with her parents not far from Pusan in South Korea, when she got back to Australia we got on with the business of getting to know each other.

We met in May of 1999 and were married in November of the same year. My new wife was wonderful to begin with, she was loving and attentive toward my daughter an myself, but she went to Korea to bring her son out to join our family. Once they arrived back my wife underwent a personality change, the loving wife who went, came back as a monster who made the lives of my daughter and myself a living hell, she convinced me to have a vasectomy saying that she did not want any more children, then had an affair with her ex boyfriend, when asked she said that she didn’t want children from different fathers.

After almost three years of stressful job and stressful marriage I snapped and hurt my daughter, something I swore I would never do. I won’t go into details, because humans act like humans, even though we are made in God’s image and are meant to reflect Christ to the world, we are still human. It was at this time that I was diagnosed with extreme Post Trauma Stress Disorder, the psychologist who assessed me said that if I had no one to take me home, he would have sedated me on the spot, called an ambulance and had me admitted to hospital for treatment.

My marriage ended not long after all this disasterous sorrow, my daughter was in state care, my marriage was over, I was an emotional wreck and I was about to have an amazing with God that would turn my life completely around.

It’s Time!

After my breakdown, marriage implosion, the dreadful event where my daughter got and subsequent diagnosis of severe Post Trauma Stress Disorder, I was tried and convicted of assault, and given a custodial sentence which was suspended. I was at the bottom, I could not go any lower, and there is only one direction that was left for me to look, to the Lord, my salvation and help in times of trouble, He who judges the heart, not what is visible.

A new chapter began in my life one day when I was having an afternoon rest. Ten years earlier I had been on a naval vessel in the Persian Gulf during the first Gulf war, the waters were riddled with sea mines and a missile had been fired at the ship I was on, as a result I made a promise to the Lord that if He got me home alive, I would serve Him when He told me ‘it was time’, well at this time I heard a voice, an audible voice say to me “it’s time”, the Lord was calling me to make good my promise, and He reminded me at the same time every day until I found a small community church that was pastored by an ex-patriot British man and his wife, his name was Mike Alexander, a wonderful man of God who ignored the physical warnings his body was giving him, and the warnings from many Godly people until it was too late, when he finally visited a doctor he was informed that he had final stage stomach cancer. It was so sad to see him go, he went home to be with the Lord less than three months after the diagnosis.

It was shortly after I renewed my fellowship with the Lord that I started having visions from the Lord.

One day I was sitting on my couch thinking how good I was because I was saved and how much better I was than all those filthy sinners who didn’t know my God, the bible that was beside me move about a foot and fell onto the floor, it fell open in psalms and the words ‘God resists the proud, but exalts the humble’ stood out as if heavily bolded, so I asked the Lord “is that for me?”, (no one else was there) and the words got larger and more pronounced, so I said to the Lord in church the next Sunday “Lord, if I have a problem with pride, then please humble me”, dangerous thing to say to the Lord, because He listens to the cries of our hearts.

Straight after I finished speaking to the Lord, I began to feel small and saw things in a vision, I saw everyone in the little church getting larger around me as I got smaller, and smaller, and smaller, until I was standing in an atom many times smaller than the atom, then I was outside the atom watching electrons rapidly spinning around a small ball of dynamic energy that is mostly empty, but it the building block for everything, part of the mystery that is God.

As fascinating as that was to behold, I started getting the idea that if someone stepped on me, I would disappear into thier shoe rubber and never be seen again, so I asked the Lord to lift me up, and He did. After a few moments I could see my body and everyone around me, then the roof of the church, followed by the town of Kwinana, then all of Perth, all of Australia, then the Earth with the moon on it’s merry spin around the Earth, next our Solar system working in perfect synchronicity just as the Lord intended. As the Lord took me further out I could see our galaxy, then the cluster of galaxies in our galactic neighbourhood, followed by the super cluster we are in,and this went on until I was looking at absolute emptiness with the exception of the universe which looked about the size of a small pea. I felt like I could balance it on the tip of my little finger. Then I sensed that I was seated at the foot of the throne of our God between His feet, without looking around, because I couldn’t. I asked the Lord “my Lord,is this how big you are?”, His reply shocked me into humility, He said “not even the beginning!” and I heard these words until I let go of all personal pride.

It still astounds and humbles me to think that I serve a God who is more alive than I could ever hope to be so long as my feet support my living body, and can be smaller than the smallest atomic particle, while being larger than the entire universe at the same time as He is walking with me and loving me so much, so very much that He came to Earth as His word born in the flesh for the sole purpose of sacrificing Himself on the cross to clear the way for me to walk with Him just as Adam and Eve did in the garden before the fall.

Approximately a month later I heard His audible voice speak to me again and say “I am your life, you are my Glory!”. I have never forgotten those words or the voice that spoke them, His voice is the voice that Elijah heard in the cave in the mountain cave after the wind, quake and fire had passed, His voice is unmistakable, so soft and gentle, so full of love and compassion that it almost breaks your heart because it cries out so loudly for Him, but it is also full of unmistakable authority, anyone who had a disciplined childhood or has served, or is serving in the military would recognise that authority.

Israel War Dream.

One day I had read through the book of Ezekiel, I could not put it down until I had read the whole book. After reading I started a conversation with the Lord, some call it prayer, but I call it a conversation, most prayer is us talking to God while not allowing for a reply, when I talk to the Lord I not only allow for a reply, I expect it. During this conversation I asked the Lord to show me what was meant by the the message in the book of Ezekiel.

Once asleep that night I experienced a clear dream, the dream began with me standing at the edge of a wooded area tree line, in front of me was a man sitting on the ground in a small shelter made of branches and leaves, he had a small fire in front of him, his clothing was made of roughly woven camel hair with a thick leather belt around his waist, and his food was locusts and wild honey. This man spoke to me and identified himself as ‘the voice of one crying in the wilderness’, he then stood up and said “follow me, there is something coming, the time has been set and it must be done, and the time is very near!”.

I crested a hill and found myself looking down on Jerusalem, I turned to ask the man if this was Jerusalem, but he was gone. Next the Earth began to shake and I was surrounded by the sound of war machines, all manner of machines began to pass, tanks, APCs, transport vehicles, mobile artillery, staff vehicles, then the aircraft started flying overhead, all manner of military helicopters, fighter bomber aircraft, bombers, transports dropping paratroopers and early warning aircraft, there were also massive numbers of soldiers on foot surrounding the the armoured vehicles.

As the force approached the city of peace, one of the mobile artillery pieces fired off a round which triggered a mass attack, but as soon as the first shot was fired rain mingled with blood began to fall and the ground soon turned to mush, then huge chunks of ice mixed with fire began falling from the sky, the ice pieces were so large that they rendered the tanks, artillery and other wheeled, and tracked vehicles were either useless or they were crushed by the impacts. As the ice melted and the bloodied rain continued to fall, the fluid level increased rapidly until people began to drown, but instead of calling out to God for mercy, they cursed Him.

At the end of this dream I once again heard the word ‘this must soon come to pass, it has been determined, and it will happen’. After watching the current world events, I feel that this is the time to share what was shown to me. For the last few months I have been hearing the words ‘it’s time’, over and over again, and the time will soon be upon us.

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