There are two questions I have heard asked many times. First, ‘Did God create Satan?’. I have also heard people who may know nothing of the Bible, except what they have heard others say, that is the second question, ‘How can God be good? He made Satan and Satan is bad, so either God has a split personality and is equally good and bad, or He is actually Satan, which means Satan must be God!’.

Now I will  attempt to answer these, both the question which is someone asking who is a bit confused and genuinely wants to know, and the other who I have met from time to time, someone who has based an assumption on a passing comment and usually does not want to know because of the assumption.

First, did God create Satan?

The answer is no, God did not create Satan, God created Lucifer.

Lucifer was one of God’s highest angels, his skin was covered in precious gems and his cloak, for want of a better word was made of every conceivable musical instrument, and being of such appearance he reflected the light that was coming from the throne of God in the highest Heaven, and he made music whenever he moved. Lucifer became filled with awe at his own appearance, and he started to become proud of himself, his position close to God and his appearance.

Pride always comes before the fall (Proverbs 16:18), and fall Lucifer did fall (Isaiah 14:12) after he led a rebellion against God (Revelation 12:7-9), saying that he would raise his throne up to Heaven (Isaiah 14:13-15), and he took one third of all the angels with him (Revelation 12:3-4a). This is when Lucifer became Satan, also known as the Devil, Morning Star (Isaiah 14:12), Light Bearer, Ruler of this world (John 14:30), Prince of the power of the air (Ephesians 2:2), Devouring Lion (1 Peter 5:8), Great Red Dragon (Revelation 12:3) and the Serpent of Old.

He had a throne on Earth, it was in Babylon, but it is now in Germany along with the Way of the Dead, a passage through which all the captives of Babylon were led on their way to either slavery or death.

Satan is still the tempter of Humanity, he and his fallen angels, or demons are the ones who put evil into the hearts of people, these people can then go on to do terrible things, some may even say that God told them to do it, which of course He did not.

I remember being told of a missionary’s experience in Africa, this missionary was doing the Lord’s work in a small village when they got word of a serious epidemic in another village that was not too far away. The missionary took his team in a truck to the other village, and upon arrival they found that almost a quarter of the village was either dead, dieing or seriously ill form a common illness that is normally easily treated, the people should not have been dieing, so the team did the only thing they could, they started praying for an answer to the situation from God. The answer came quickly, the people were dieing because of a demonic attack that was concentrated on the village, and the missionary was told by God through the Holy Spirit how to combat the attack.

The team had to split into two, one team was to stand on the hills above the village, while the other was to go through the village singing praises to God, praying for the sick and laying hands on the seriously ill. The instruction was carried out as directed, and the attack was thwarted within twenty four hours with no further deaths. This village was next in line on the mission trip, and if I remember correctly, due to the attack and the resulting victory of Heaven over Hell, the majority of the villagers converted to Christianity.

So to answer the original question that I have heard so many times in the past. God did not create Satan, Lucifer led a rebellion based on his own pride, and he lost the war but the battle is still raging, and it is now about every Human soul who is or will be on the Earth.

Hell was created for Satan and his angels, it was never intended for Human souls, but Satan continues to tempt people, people continue to follow evil and fall into Hell.

Satan has lost the war, but the battle continues, there is still fighting in Heaven, but not in the throne room. I will try to draw a verbal picture for you, imagine you are standing looking at a massively impressive structure that defies your mind’s ability to comprehend what you are seeing, it is both solid and ethereal at the same time. There are two separate but joined structures, one starts at ground level and goes up, while the other goes down.

The first upward level looks a lot like this world, but it is inhabited by spiritual beings, this includes us, and it is more real that our physical world. The first downward level looks terrifying, people are being tormented, tortured by horrific looking beasts and burned alive, but never dieing , these are not demons, but the tormentors of the fallen angels.

The second upward level is a battlefield, you see fallen angels engaged in battle with Heavenly angels, they are fighting for the souls of Humans, in some places there are Heavenly angel standing guard over the souls of a group of Humans, these are the people who have decided to Follow Jesus’ teachings and live as servants of the most high God, these people are glowing with glorious radiance which the fallen angels cannot stand, so they stay well clear.

The second downward level is more terrifying than the first, here the souls of people who have been deceived into disbelieving God are writhing in agony as the are tormented by creatures more horrendous then the first, the people are being burned by burning liquid sulphur while being eaten by worms and maggots, they never die because they have eternal bodies that continuously regenerate and never decay.

The third upward level is the throne room of God, this is where Jesus is seated with God along with all who belong to Him, here there are no tears, no pain, no suffering, no lack, no disease or any other form of infirmity, all souls who belong here have eternal bodies that are perfect in every way, and they will never know any negatives at all.

The third downward level is unbearable to look at, this is reserved for the worst of the worst of humanity, it is also reserved for Satan and his fallen followers and Human worshippers, this is where the lake of burning sulphur is as well as the worst of the tormentors, there is no escape from here until God destroys and recreates everything at the end of time without Hell, or any possibility of any form of evil ever existing again.

I have already chosen the highest upward level, what is your choice?


As a Christian I know with an absolute certainty that God is good, He is perfection personified and His Love for every single human, past, present and future is perfect. God is not offended if you do not reciprocate His love, He loves us all whether we love Him or not, and it is not His will for anyone to be lost away from Him, but God doesn’t have control of whether I love Him, or anyone else loves Him, we have free will, we choose what path we walk and we are responsible for the consequences of our choices.

He has laid out a plan for our lives, it is a perfect plan that would have us join Him in Heaven when our time of being bound by mortality is finished, but we choose, each one of us individually, which way we go. If God was to control us like a puppeteer with marionettes, we would have no choice, there would be no reward or punishment based on our choices, we would be totally dependant on Him to do the simplest of tasks, but that is not who God is.

Now I will look at some scriptures from the word of God, and remember that God is His word, so I am getting the scriptures I need from Him.

According to the Third Edition of the New Bible Dictionary from Inter-Varsity Press. God is self existent, He is completely independent of creation, creation needs Him to continue existing, because He gives life to the universe itself. If the universe were to blink out of existence tomorrow it would not affect His existence.

In Exodus 3:14 God says to Moses “I am who I am”, or I am the one who exists within Himself. Isaiah 40:28-29 God is described as giving life and strength to every creature in creation, and every creature in creation (including us) is a receiver of this life and strength.

In John 5:26 Jesus spoke about God when He said “the Father has life in Himself, so He has granted the Son to have life in Himself”. How could the source of all life be evil? Evil seeks to terminate life, and Satan influences the hearts of people to terminate life, whether it is an inconvenient new life that came about from reckless self endangerment through unprotected sex, a murderer stalking a victim, a socialist or communist dictator who decides that all who do not fit into the boxes on which they want to shape a society must die, or an expansionist regime that deliberately starts a war against another country in an attempt to enlarge their own borders at the expense of life on both sides of the conflict. God gives life, John 10:10 says ‘the thief (Satan) comes for the purpose of killing, stealing and destroying. But I (Jesus) have come so that you may have life, and a full abundant life’, excuse the paraphrasing.

What about God’s nature? The same dictionary says that God is Pure Spirit, or intelligent energy, John 4:24 says ‘God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth’. notice it says ‘in truth’, evil lies and deceives, God cannot lie. Numbers 23:19 says in a prophetic manner ‘God is not a man, that He should lie, nor the son of man (Jesus), that He should repent’

God’s Character? His character is described in His names, no this is not a sign of a multiple personality disorder, they expressions of who He was, is and will be to His people, dependant on what the need is that has to be met by Him to help His people at the time the help is needed. Some of the names of God are translated from the ancient Hebrew and Aramaic to mean, Lord, God, most High God, Shield, Sword, healer, mighty banner, strong tower, Rock on which we stand, supply, provider, Saviour, redeemer, the God who hears His people, and many more.

Whereas Satan has names such as father of lies, the accuser, deceiver of nations, great red dragon, devouring lion, serpent of old, the beast in the books of Daniel , Ezekiel and Revelation and the Antichrist.

Notice that God has names that are protective, providing and nurturing, but Satan has names that are just the opposite, and as I covered in the first part of this blog, God did not create Satan, neither is God Satan. God is absolute purity personified, He cannot be in the presence of evil, if He were to allow Himself to be in the presence of evil, whatever is evil and whoever is evil would be completely destroyed, down to the smallest particle in the heart of an atom, because the energy that is God is so powerful in it’s purity that nothing that is not pure can be in the presence of the Creator that caused the universe to burst into existence when He spoke.

I know that I can enter into the presence of God through my Saviour, Jesus because of what was done for me on the cross, and through my decision to accept that this thing that Jesus did on the cross He did for me personally, He did so that once I accepted the truth of what happened, and who Jesus is, that I became part of Jesus, just as He is part of the Father.

Since that moment in time when I asked Jesus to be part of me through believing that He is the Son of God and that He took my punishment when He was scourged by the Romans, that all of my sin was hung on Him on the cross, that He died the second death for me so that I can be alive in Him, and that He rose from death at the word of the father, and led the way for me to enter into eternity with Him. Now when God looks at me He sees Jesus, pure and undefiled, just like Him, and He welcomes me into His embrace, and I can run into my Father’s arms without any fear at all.

Now tell me, How could the God who loves me with pure and unconditional love be evil in any way, shape or form? The answer is simple, He cannot be evil, you cannot have a well of pure, sweet water coming up with filthy water, even with a clear line of separation in the well, either the clean will overpower the filthy and make it clean, or the filth will pollute the clean and make it useless.

The time is fast approaching where no one will be able to live sitting on the fence, the fence is about to be torn down, either the individual will choose the purity of God and be saved from the trouble to come, or the individual will decide not to choose God, which will leave them at the mercy of Satan (who has no mercy).

If anyone would like to know who will have the final victory between God and Satan, read the book of Revelation.

I hope the reader can get some food for thought from this, and maybe join God’s family and eternity with Him.

God bless and keep you.

Bibliography. New Bible Dictionary third edition by Inter-Varsity Press, the New International Bible by Zondervan Press 1990 and the World English Bible (Messianic) in the Quick Bible App for Android.

5 thoughts on “DID GOD CREATE SATAN?

  1. Interesting post, Tommy. I’m going to look up those different verses on Lucifer when I get time later. Are the levels of Hell your illustration of what it might be like, or did those come from Dante’s Inferno? I know of the story but never got around to reading it.

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    1. When the Apostle was taken in the Spirit to Heaven, he said that he was taken to the third Heaven, that is the throne room of God, and there are different levels in Hell, the greater the condemnation, the worse the punishment, I believe Jesus made mention of that, when I start writing I pray for God to lead me. I prayed before He sent me to Thailand to serve in His name, not the name of the church, that He would fill me with the knowledge of His word, and give me the wisdom to understand it so that I could share with others in a way that is easy to understand and follow, and He has done that. I start on the keyboard and the words just come, I am usually surprised at the simplicity of the message, it’s so simple that many cannot comprehend it. Only God’s word inspires me, I have never read the novel, nor seen the movie Dante’s Inferno, God’s word only for me.

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