Dreams, Visions and Encounters

I was going to write a large blog detailing the dreams, visions and encounters I have had with, from and through the Lord. Time has been a problem for me, definitely not enough time to sit and write a long blog. I will add to this blog in pieces as time allows.

My first dream I was given happened when I was fifteen years of age. As a child I always heard my father talking about our Viking heritage, and how our ancestors arrived in Britain with Eric the Red, and this information fired my young imagination to the point that I prayed to the Viking gods each time I was bullied at school. 

During my fifteenth year I had a dream that repeated, in this dream I was standing on a pillar of rock that only had room to stand, this pillar was in an underground cavern and surrounded by fire, and standing over me was a great dragon. The dream repeated until I got scared, then I told my mother who told a lady who lived nearby who was attending a church in the city of Liverpool, this is on the outskirts of Sydney in Australia, the lady said that I needed to go to church, I said I would think about it.

The next Sunday I got on the bus with my mother and grandmother with every intention of attending church, but when I reached the front door of the church I could not enter, there was a solid wall of fear that I physically could not push through. So I got on another bus and went home, on the way home I spoke to the Lord and said “well, if you want me God, you’re going to have to get me through the door!”.

One week later we were on the bus again on the way to church, this time when we arrived, I was able to get through the door without any barrier. I walked up the stairs and into the congregation hall where church was about to get under way. Then I got a surprise, the pastor came running up to me, and I do mean running, once he reached me he grabbed me by the shoulders and said “you’re here, you’re here, I have been waiting for you!”, I was wondering if he greeted every new comer like that?

I sat through the service without much in the way of interest, I think that I was waiting for the service to finish so that I could go outside and suck on a coffin nail (Australian slang for a cigarette). At the end of the service was the call to Salvation, I had no intention of getting up, I never liked getting up in front of people, but the palm of a hand that covered from the nape of my neck to the bottom of my lumbar spine pushed me forward, I was being ‘encouraged’ by the Lord to go forward.

Along with the others that were up front, I parroted the prayer as the pastor spoke, then when I said the words “in Jesus’ name, Amen” I heard a strange sound, like a strong wind blowing, but I couldn’t feel any wind. A moment later I was physically knocked backwards as if I had been kicked in the chest by a horse, I was flat on my back more than a meter from where I had been standing, I think (this was thirty seven years ago) and I was in pain immediately at the base of my sternum, I was also told later that I was laying about an inch off the floor. There were three pastors praying over me, and a short while later a voice spoke out of me, I know it was not my voice, it was a rough and ugly voice, not a teenage boys voice.

This voice that spoke out of me said “NO, this one is mine!”, at that point more pastors joined the prayer, I don’t know how much longer it was, but the presence left me and I was in pain for weeks after, as the Word says ‘when a spirit leaves it tears the flesh’. About a month later I was baptised by immersion in water, my mother and grandmother later told me that I was glowing when I came out of the water.

The dream that started this process repeated again that night, but this time the pillar was a platform, there was no fire or dragon, the cavern was full of light, and there was a path leading from the platform out through an open door, I also vaguely remember seeing a man dressed in white, no beard standing by the door to show me the way out, I think to close the door behind me again. 

This captive had been freed from his captivity by Grace through faith according to the measure given.

In The Navy.

At the age of eighteen I joined the Australian Navy, I was a very good sailor who did my nation proud, but I was a very naughty boy. The old expression says ‘wine, women and song’, but for me it was ‘whiskey, women, women, women and song’, but the Lord still had His hand on my heart and life. I can recall many times the Lord spoke through me, one time I was having a conversation with a Catholic Chaplain, he was asking me to call him father, that caused something to rise up in me that had me saying that I have an Earthly father and a Heavenly Father, and that Jesus is the one who stands between me and my Heavenly Father, the Chaplain didn’t die for me, he didn’t pay the price for me and he is not my Saviour, Jesus did all that for me.

My first deployment at sea was in 1987 on the Frigate HMAS Sydney, and I know the Lord had to be looking after me, I was told a freak wave came up out of the ocean, maybe a tsunami that rose up as we passed over a mid ocean reef as a result of an isolated shallow Earth quake close by in the South Pacific, I was told the wave was higher than the ship and caused the ship to heel steeply, but I was completely unaware of it. 

Next was our arrival in Fiji, half an hour after the commencement of the first coup that rocked that small nation, we spent three weeks tied to the wharf instead of three days.At the end of the three weeks we the captain was contacted by the consulate in the early hours of the morning and told to leave immediately because of a large crowd heading our way, I was pulled out of my bed very early and told to muster in the ship’s cafe or crew dining area, once there I was handed a pistol belt with a loaded 9mm Browning in the holster and an SMG or small (sub) machine gun that was also loaded with a spare magazine and told to man the side to repel boarders. Once on deck I was confronted by the sight of a very large crowd which included armed soldiers, and the soldiers were pointing thier weapons at us and going through the motions of firing thier weapons at us, it was not a pleasant experience.

After trying to negotiate with the crowd for some time without success, so in order to clear the wharf so that the mooring lines could be released and we could head out to sea and safety. At first the captain called for the 50 calibres to be pointed at the crowd and cocked ready for action, no one moved, then he called for the 3 inch main gun to be rotated to face the wharf, once again there was no movement to clear the wharf. As a final attempt the CIWS or close in weapons system which is used for intercepting missiles and/or attacking aircraft, it fires around 3,000 rounds per minute, this weapon was rotated to face the crowd, all conversation in the crowd stopped, then it was tilted to point directly at the crown, there was some backward steps and obvious apprehension, then the gattling type barrel was spun, and faster than I could say praise the Lord, the wharf was clear, our crewmen could get down and let go the lines which enabled us to get out to sea.

In 1991 I was involved in the first Gulf war as a crew member on the HMAS Westralia, on our way up from Australia we underwent intensive simulated battle training, it was almost two weeks of an average of between two and three hours sleep a night. I was trained in first aid to the standard where I could assist a surgeon in an emergency operation, a skill I thank the Lord I never had to use, I was a helicopter load handler, firefighter, damage control, fuelling crew for underway replenishment at sea for both ships and helicopters, I had my regular trade as a wardroom steward and also the chief’s mess steward. At the end of our training period people were starting to collapse from exhaustion, I was pale and had lost a lot of weight, it was then that the captain told the training crew to stop because he didn’t want us dead before the war started, I was so happy to see the back of them.

We arrived in the Persian Gulf the day the war started loaded with 15,000 tons of aviation fuel with 25,000 tons of diesel behind it, we would say in jest that if we hit a mine there would be one flash and we would be ash. We faced threats from air attack, missile, fast attack boats acting as pirates and sea mines that could be set to target a specific ship, to float at any set depth, I had to do shifts standing at the bow of the ship using large binoculars during the day and a thermal camera at night to try and see these mines which were released enmasse by Saddam Hussein. It was during this time that I prayed to the Lord and said “Lord, if you get me out of this alive, You tell me when it is time and I will serve You!”

Upon return to Australia I was told on the quiet by one of the officers I was serving that we had missed three mines by less a minute, and that a Silkworm missile had been fired at us from a shore battery, it was intercepted by a British warship. 

A few months after we got home from the war, my brother was murdered by people he knew and had been warned to stay away from, he had given his heart to the Lord when he was younger, and he listened to my mother’s pleading before he left to go to Sydney from Inverell in the north west of New South Wales to look for work, she begged him to get his heart right with the Lord. Nine years after his untimely death my mother was still mourning his passing, she was sitting thinking about my brother and crying in church when she heard the Lord speak to her, He said “how long will you mourn for your son, don’t you know he is with Me?”

The next year 1992, I was still on the same ship when we were on deployment to South East Asia and I was lifting two cases of soft drink (2 x 24 375 ml cans) when my boss spoke to me from behind, so while holding the cases I decided it would be a good idea without thinking to twist around to see what he wanted to say, I felt two disks in my lower back pop, I had ruptured the two lowest disks, my medical treatment was some panadine forte, three days in bed and three weeks of light duties before returning to full duties. Seven years later the first proper investigation of the injury was undertaken by a civilian doctor who was employed by the Navy, that was when the extent of the injury was discovered, but surgery didn’t happen until 2016, 24 years of chronic pain which I was informed by a woman was worse than child birth.

Before the surgery every nerve in my body was firing off pain messages, it hurt to breathe, it hurt to move even slightly, but I was praising God for more than half of the time I was in intense pain. Why would I praise God during that time I hear someone ask? I praise God because I still had breath, I could still walk, I still had full bladder and bowel control, I didn’t have full feeling in my legs and feet but I could still use them. When I had surgery God provided one of the best surgeons available in Australia, and the post surgery result was a many fold improvement in every way.

I spent three more years in the navy before leaving to get married, big mistake, the marriage lasted ten months after a two year engagement, too much time at sea and at work to see that I had married a lazy drug user. I had transferred to reserves before I got out in 1995, and I transferred back to full time service two years and one month after getting out. So back in to full time in 1997, only to be discharged in 2,000 because of my back injury and Post Trauma Stress Disorder from the war, as well as childhood sexual and physical abuse.

Back into Civvi dress.

Before my medical discharge and while I was on medical leave from the navy I decided to look for a new wife in the classifieds, after a few failed dates I met a Korean lady who had a son from a failed relationship, this was good I thought, a playmate for my daughter and a companion for me. The day I met her she was taking he son to stay with her parents not far from Pusan in South Korea, when she got back to Australia we got on with the business of getting to know each other.

We met in May of 1999 and were married in November of the same year. My new wife was wonderful to begin with, she was loving and attentive toward my daughter an myself, but she went to Korea to bring her son out to join our family. Once they arrived back my wife underwent a personality change, the loving wife who went, came back as a monster who made the lives of my daughter and myself a living hell, she convinced me to have a vasectomy saying that she did not want any more children, then had an affair with her ex boyfriend, when asked she said that she didn’t want children from different fathers.

After almost three years of stressful job and stressful marriage I snapped and hurt my daughter, something I swore I would never do. I won’t go into details, because humans act like humans, even though we are made in God’s image and are meant to reflect Christ to the world, we are still human. It was at this time that I was diagnosed with extreme Post Trauma Stress Disorder, the psychologist who assessed me said that if I had no one to take me home, he would have sedated me on the spot, called an ambulance and had me admitted to hospital for treatment.

My marriage ended not long after all this disasterous sorrow, my daughter was in state care, my marriage was over, I was an emotional wreck and I was about to have an amazing with God that would turn my life completely around.

It’s Time!

After my breakdown, marriage implosion, the dreadful event where my daughter got and subsequent diagnosis of severe Post Trauma Stress Disorder, I was tried and convicted of assault, and given a custodial sentence which was suspended. I was at the bottom, I could not go any lower, and there is only one direction that was left for me to look, to the Lord, my salvation and help in times of trouble, He who judges the heart, not what is visible.

A new chapter began in my life one day when I was having an afternoon rest. Ten years earlier I had been on a naval vessel in the Persian Gulf during the first Gulf war, the waters were riddled with sea mines and a missile had been fired at the ship I was on, as a result I made a promise to the Lord that if He got me home alive, I would serve Him when He told me ‘it was time’, well at this time I heard a voice, an audible voice say to me “it’s time”, the Lord was calling me to make good my promise, and He reminded me at the same time every day until I found a small community church that was pastored by an ex-patriot British man and his wife, his name was Mike Alexander, a wonderful man of God who ignored the physical warnings his body was giving him, and the warnings from many Godly people until it was too late, when he finally visited a doctor he was informed that he had final stage stomach cancer. It was so sad to see him go, he went home to be with the Lord less than three months after the diagnosis.

It was shortly after I renewed my fellowship with the Lord that I started having visions from the Lord.

One day I was sitting on my couch thinking how good I was because I was saved and how much better I was than all those filthy sinners who didn’t know my God, the bible that was beside me move about a foot and fell onto the floor, it fell open in psalms and the words ‘God resists the proud, but exalts the humble’ stood out as if heavily bolded, so I asked the Lord “is that for me?”, (no one else was there) and the words got larger and more pronounced, so I said to the Lord in church the next Sunday “Lord, if I have a problem with pride, then please humble me”, dangerous thing to say to the Lord, because He listens to the cries of our hearts.

Straight after I finished speaking to the Lord, I began to feel small and saw things in a vision, I saw everyone in the little church getting larger around me as I got smaller, and smaller, and smaller, until I was standing in an atom many times smaller than the atom, then I was outside the atom watching electrons rapidly spinning around a small ball of dynamic energy that is mostly empty, but it the building block for everything, part of the mystery that is God.

As fascinating as that was to behold, I started getting the idea that if someone stepped on me, I would disappear into thier shoe rubber and never be seen again, so I asked the Lord to lift me up, and He did. After a few moments I could see my body and everyone around me, then the roof of the church, followed by the town of Kwinana, then all of Perth, all of Australia, then the Earth with the moon on it’s merry spin around the Earth, next our Solar system working in perfect synchronicity just as the Lord intended. As the Lord took me further out I could see our galaxy, then the cluster of galaxies in our galactic neighbourhood, followed by the super cluster we are in,and this went on until I was looking at absolute emptiness with the exception of the universe which looked about the size of a small pea. I felt like I could balance it on the tip of my little finger. Then I sensed that I was seated at the foot of the throne of our God between His feet, without looking around, because I couldn’t. I asked the Lord “my Lord,is this how big you are?”, His reply shocked me into humility, He said “not even the beginning!” and I heard these words until I let go of all personal pride.

It still astounds and humbles me to think that I serve a God who is more alive than I could ever hope to be so long as my feet support my living body, and can be smaller than the smallest atomic particle, while being larger than the entire universe at the same time as He is walking with me and loving me so much, so very much that He came to Earth as His word born in the flesh for the sole purpose of sacrificing Himself on the cross to clear the way for me to walk with Him just as Adam and Eve did in the garden before the fall.

Approximately a month later I heard His audible voice speak to me again and say “I am your life, you are my Glory!”. I have never forgotten those words or the voice that spoke them, His voice is the voice that Elijah heard in the cave in the mountain cave after the wind, quake and fire had passed, His voice is unmistakable, so soft and gentle, so full of love and compassion that it almost breaks your heart because it cries out so loudly for Him, but it is also full of unmistakable authority, anyone who had a disciplined childhood or has served, or is serving in the military would recognise that authority.

Israel War Dream.

One day I had read through the book of Ezekiel, I could not put it down until I had read the whole book. After reading I started a conversation with the Lord, some call it prayer, but I call it a conversation, most prayer is us talking to God while not allowing for a reply, when I talk to the Lord I not only allow for a reply, I expect it. During this conversation I asked the Lord to show me what was meant by the the message in the book of Ezekiel.

Once asleep that night I experienced a clear dream, the dream began with me standing at the edge of a wooded area tree line, in front of me was a man sitting on the ground in a small shelter made of branches and leaves, he had a small fire in front of him, his clothing was made of roughly woven camel hair with a thick leather belt around his waist, and his food was locusts and wild honey. This man spoke to me and identified himself as ‘the voice of one crying in the wilderness’, he then stood up and said “follow me, there is something coming, the time has been set and it must be done, and the time is very near!”.

I crested a hill and found myself looking down on Jerusalem, I turned to ask the man if this was Jerusalem, but he was gone. Next the Earth began to shake and I was surrounded by the sound of war machines, all manner of machines began to pass, tanks, APCs, transport vehicles, mobile artillery, staff vehicles, then the aircraft started flying overhead, all manner of military helicopters, fighter bomber aircraft, bombers, transports dropping paratroopers and early warning aircraft, there were also massive numbers of soldiers on foot surrounding the the armoured vehicles.

As the force approached the city of peace, one of the mobile artillery pieces fired off a round which triggered a mass attack, but as soon as the first shot was fired rain mingled with blood began to fall and the ground soon turned to mush, then huge chunks of ice mixed with fire began falling from the sky, the ice pieces were so large that they rendered the tanks, artillery and other wheeled, and tracked vehicles were either useless or they were crushed by the impacts. As the ice melted and the bloodied rain continued to fall, the fluid level increased rapidly until people began to drown, but instead of calling out to God for mercy, they cursed Him.

At the end of this dream I once again heard the word ‘this must soon come to pass, it has been determined, and it will happen’. After watching the current world events, I feel that this is the time to share what was shown to me. For the last few months I have been hearing the words ‘it’s time’, over and over again, and the time will soon be upon us.

Philippians 2:13-15

13 for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure.

14 Do all things without grumbling or disputing,

15 that you may be blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world.

Sourced from biblia.com.

Verse 13, Everyone who belongs to God through the salvation offered through the sacrifice on the cross of our Saviour, Jesus who is the Son of God who is Himself God, has the God who spoke all of creation living in them, and God not only works in us through the washing of His Word and the Name of Jesus, He also works through us, but He can only do this with our permission. If I were to accept Jesus as Saviour, be baptised by the Holy Spirit and with water, and then go on living as if nothing had happened, while ignoring the call and pull of the Spirit of our God, He would not be able to work in or through me because of my unwillingness to do what He has called me to do, and that is first and foremost to make myself available to Him, and to offer myself as a living sacrifice to Him to be used for His purposes in His time.

If I am not willing to accept His will working in, through and for me, so that He can glorify His name in and through me by way of being both willing and obedient to Him, then it would be like Him trying to fill a bowl with water that is upside down in a volcano, it just will not work. God will not force His way into our lives, and He will not ask us to do anything for Him that we are not capable of doing, each of us must be available for God to employ us as is His good pleasure.

Verse 14, This verse is the most important in this passage in my opinion. I remember being placed in a position of authority by the senior NCO in my section, I carried that NCO’s authority but without the rank, I can clearly remember how frustrating it was to use that authority to give orders to others who were junior to me in time served and experience, only to have them complain every time and argue every step of the way, oh how I wished murder was legal at times, joking of course.

Keeping in mind the previous paragraph, the Lord needs us to be both willing and available for Him to employ us according to His good pleasure at a moment’s notice, I will give an example. One day while I was collecting my granddaughter from school the Lord said “pray”, there was no explanation, no drawn out dialogue, I simply obeyed instantly. A few minutes later I got a call from my wife, my step daughter was driving her car and had not seen a give way sign because of the sun in her eyes, just as they entered the intersection another car came over the crest of a hill and he was speeding, no one had any time to react, my wife later told me that the other car was heading straight for her door and she was sure she was about to die, She cried out to the Lord for help, the Lord commanded me to pray,and I prayed until the phone rang.

I went to the wrecking yard later to look at the car, as well as seeing where it was positioned after the accident. The car was a Mercedes C 180 Sports edition, it was hit with so much force that it was lifted off the road and forced into a front yard, while flying into the front yard the car went neatly between a telegraph pole and a tree with inches to spare either side, it came to rest right in the middle of the yard having missed all obstacles, including a rose garden with hardly any skid mark on the grass.

Both the front and rear fenders on the car were badly damaged, and there was not a single scratch on the passenger side door where my wife was sitting. If I had chosen to argue about praying because I was too busy being bored, or if I had started complaining about always the one who is chosen to do this, to do that, blah blah blah, then the prayer would not have been spoken that put the angels into action at the command of the Lord, and my wife may well have died that day due to massive trauma and internal bleeding caused by the high speed impact of the other car hitting her door square on.

Verse 14, How can we be blameless and innocent? By ourselves it is impossible, but with God it is possible. When I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour, and asked Him into my life, His purity cleansed me of all sin and unrighteousness, I became as pure as Him before my Heavenly Father’s eyes, which means that whenever the accuser of the brethren goes running into the throne room pointing a finger at me, the Father looks at me and says “what are you talking about? All I see is My child, My son, pure and righteous, washed in the blood of the Lamb that was slain for the sins of the world, now run away little worm and let me watch my children at play.”, that is what it means to be blameless and innocent children of God, not of ourselves, but by grace through faith.

We are indeed living in a crooked and twisted world, a world where men want to be women and women want to be men, where a lie is seen as the truth and the truth is seen as a lie, where righteousness is frowned upon and unrighteousness is celebrated. But what are we to do? How can I influence this wicked and corrupt generation? I can’t, but God can working in, through and with me, He can by using this broken vessel to shine His light through the cracks into the surrounding darkness, by letting His presence in me be felt where ever and whenever I go with Him in me. When I walk into the darkness with the light of God’s life shining out of me, the darkness has to hide, But when there are two together who are walking in unity in Him, without complaining or arguing, then the darkness has to flee, because the light of God’s presence shining out of two or more leaves nowhere for the darkness to hide.

The Lord gave me a demonstration of what He means when He says in His word ‘when ever two or more of you are gathered in my name, I am in your midst’. Before He sent us to Thailand to do His work, He had me drive around the block while He spoke to me, He said “I have something to show you, go to the shop where your wife is and walk inside!”, I obeyed, parked my car in a spot that suddenly became available as I neared the store, I parked my car and got out of my car, locked it and walked into the store, inside the store there was a young woman who started to manifest as soon as I walked through the door, she started grabbing at her breasts, her groin, backside, arms and legs, hair and face before saying “this has never happened before” and running out of the store.

As we were going home I asked the Lord what that was all about? He said “she is possessed!”, so I asked if I should have bound the spirit and ask if she wanted to be free from it? He said “no, I wanted to show you that where there are two or more gathered in My Name, they cannot be there!”, this is why the disciples were sent out two by two, a team of as little as two in unity, without complaining or arguing can do great things for the Lord when they go in His name and no other.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed and were blessed by it.


Roman’s 12:4-8

My wife and just shared this passage from Australia to our bible study group in Thailand. I would like to share some of the insights the Lord gave me while I was teaching and learning.

Romans 12:4-8 (WEBM) For even as we have many members in one body, and all the members don’t have the same function,
so we, who are many, are one body in Messiah, and individually members one of another.
Having gifts differing according to the grace that was given to us, if prophecy, let us prophesy according to the proportion of our faith;
or service, let us give ourselves to service; or he who teaches, to his teaching or he who exhorts, to his exhorting: he who gives, let him do it with liberality; he who rules, with diligence; he who shows mercy, with cheerfulness.


I verbally illustrated verse 4 as follows. Look at your hands, most of us have two hands with 10 fingers, the fingers on each hand may look similar, but no two fingers can do exactly the same job as the one next to it or the opposite on the other finger. I am right handed, which means that my right hand is stronger than my left, my right index finger can do things that my left index finger is not strong enough to do, but together they can do things in unity that neither can do individually.

The next verse goes on to say that eventhough we are each individuals, we are joined together in the body of Christ by the Holy Spirit. But we must be United! If four of my fingers have a disagreement and go sulk in different corners, I will not be able to carry out the simplest task due to the lack of unity and cohesion, I wouldn’t be able to pick up a coin or scratch myself, zero unity equals zero functionality.

After this we start to mention the gifts each of us are given as members of the body of Christ, and those gifts are given as an act of grace from God, and the gifts work in proportion to our faith.

If my faith was like that of an ant looking up at a mountain, saying “I can move this mountain……..one grain of sand at a time!”, or my faith was equal to the size of the God who dwells within me and gives me strength, the I could simply step on the mountain and squash it into the Earth. That is how the gifts work.

The Say for example that there are 50 prophets in one room all using the gift according the thier faith, every one of them would show thier use of the gift differently, some would be shouting in tongues and the message would be lost without interpretation, some speaking clearly and concisely, but maybe in riddles, and then there could be one so full of faith and Spirit of God that all they would have to do is stand still, wait for the Lord to raise an audience, then speak the words softly that the Lord puts in thier mouth while the Lord speaks directly into the hearts of the listeners, because of this prophets faith.

The next gift mentioned is Ministry, this gift covers a very broad stroke with an artist’s brush. Everyone, and I do mean everyone that is in the body of Christ is called to Minister to the word of God. The word minister means to serve, and the word minister immediately calls to mind a Pastor ministering the Word to the people, but it also covers the one who sweeps the floor, or cleans the toilet, takes out the rubbish, everything in the body that let’s the machinery of the to remain lubricated and well serviced.

Next come the teachers, this is me among other gifts He has bestowed on me. You can have a Pastor turn up on Sunday and put everyone to sleep for up to an hour, but a teacher will expound the Word, break it down, pull it apart and then put it back together so that everyone can understand it and get something out of it, but they can easily go over time, but keep the congregation interested.

Exhorters have an important role to fulfill, they can lift the heaviest spirit that is laying at the deepest point in the oceans, and under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, can lift that person up till they are soaring with eagles in the highest of heights, they can refresh the weary soul and ease the troubled mind.

Leaders or Rulers, do they lead by example or drive with a whip. Jesus was a servant leader who amassed a considerable following in a short time, because He led by example and was believable, the only time He drove with a whip was when He drove the money changers out of the temple. Leaders in our churches need to follow Jesus’ example, be believable and not be a ‘do as I say, not what I do leader.’. Leaders need to be diligent with thier own lives, because the sheep will be watching while the leader is walking.

Finally we have Mercy. I don’t need to be able bodied to be merciful, I don’t need to be in a good mood to be merciful, I don’t need to be the receiver of mercy to be merciful. This gift comes from the heart, a person cannot be hard hearted and be merciful, there are many in the world like that today, I do not need to be among the ever increasing number of the merciless. God showed us mercy through grace by faith on the cross, and as the Word says “freely you have received, freely you shall give!”, we need to emulate our God in our daily lives. How many homeless would there be if every child of the Lord God most High showed mercy and ministered to the needs of the homeless? How many lives would be turned around by grace through faith in those who were ministered to?

There is something to consider as we move into another week in the Kingdom of our Lord and Saviour.

Be blessed in all that you lay your hands to. May those who hear the words from your lips be touched by the Holy Spirit and thier lives turned in the direction of the Father’s throne.


There are two questions I have heard asked many times. First, ‘Did God create Satan?’. I have also heard people who may know nothing of the Bible, except what they have heard others say, that is the second question, ‘How can God be good? He made Satan and Satan is bad, so either God has a split personality and is equally good and bad, or He is actually Satan, which means Satan must be God!’.

Now I will  attempt to answer these, both the question which is someone asking who is a bit confused and genuinely wants to know, and the other who I have met from time to time, someone who has based an assumption on a passing comment and usually does not want to know because of the assumption.

First, did God create Satan?

The answer is no, God did not create Satan, God created Lucifer.

Lucifer was one of God’s highest angels, his skin was covered in precious gems and his cloak, for want of a better word was made of every conceivable musical instrument, and being of such appearance he reflected the light that was coming from the throne of God in the highest Heaven, and he made music whenever he moved. Lucifer became filled with awe at his own appearance, and he started to become proud of himself, his position close to God and his appearance.

Pride always comes before the fall (Proverbs 16:18), and fall Lucifer did fall (Isaiah 14:12) after he led a rebellion against God (Revelation 12:7-9), saying that he would raise his throne up to Heaven (Isaiah 14:13-15), and he took one third of all the angels with him (Revelation 12:3-4a). This is when Lucifer became Satan, also known as the Devil, Morning Star (Isaiah 14:12), Light Bearer, Ruler of this world (John 14:30), Prince of the power of the air (Ephesians 2:2), Devouring Lion (1 Peter 5:8), Great Red Dragon (Revelation 12:3) and the Serpent of Old.

He had a throne on Earth, it was in Babylon, but it is now in Germany along with the Way of the Dead, a passage through which all the captives of Babylon were led on their way to either slavery or death.

Satan is still the tempter of Humanity, he and his fallen angels, or demons are the ones who put evil into the hearts of people, these people can then go on to do terrible things, some may even say that God told them to do it, which of course He did not.

I remember being told of a missionary’s experience in Africa, this missionary was doing the Lord’s work in a small village when they got word of a serious epidemic in another village that was not too far away. The missionary took his team in a truck to the other village, and upon arrival they found that almost a quarter of the village was either dead, dieing or seriously ill form a common illness that is normally easily treated, the people should not have been dieing, so the team did the only thing they could, they started praying for an answer to the situation from God. The answer came quickly, the people were dieing because of a demonic attack that was concentrated on the village, and the missionary was told by God through the Holy Spirit how to combat the attack.

The team had to split into two, one team was to stand on the hills above the village, while the other was to go through the village singing praises to God, praying for the sick and laying hands on the seriously ill. The instruction was carried out as directed, and the attack was thwarted within twenty four hours with no further deaths. This village was next in line on the mission trip, and if I remember correctly, due to the attack and the resulting victory of Heaven over Hell, the majority of the villagers converted to Christianity.

So to answer the original question that I have heard so many times in the past. God did not create Satan, Lucifer led a rebellion based on his own pride, and he lost the war but the battle is still raging, and it is now about every Human soul who is or will be on the Earth.

Hell was created for Satan and his angels, it was never intended for Human souls, but Satan continues to tempt people, people continue to follow evil and fall into Hell.

Satan has lost the war, but the battle continues, there is still fighting in Heaven, but not in the throne room. I will try to draw a verbal picture for you, imagine you are standing looking at a massively impressive structure that defies your mind’s ability to comprehend what you are seeing, it is both solid and ethereal at the same time. There are two separate but joined structures, one starts at ground level and goes up, while the other goes down.

The first upward level looks a lot like this world, but it is inhabited by spiritual beings, this includes us, and it is more real that our physical world. The first downward level looks terrifying, people are being tormented, tortured by horrific looking beasts and burned alive, but never dieing , these are not demons, but the tormentors of the fallen angels.

The second upward level is a battlefield, you see fallen angels engaged in battle with Heavenly angels, they are fighting for the souls of Humans, in some places there are Heavenly angel standing guard over the souls of a group of Humans, these are the people who have decided to Follow Jesus’ teachings and live as servants of the most high God, these people are glowing with glorious radiance which the fallen angels cannot stand, so they stay well clear.

The second downward level is more terrifying than the first, here the souls of people who have been deceived into disbelieving God are writhing in agony as the are tormented by creatures more horrendous then the first, the people are being burned by burning liquid sulphur while being eaten by worms and maggots, they never die because they have eternal bodies that continuously regenerate and never decay.

The third upward level is the throne room of God, this is where Jesus is seated with God along with all who belong to Him, here there are no tears, no pain, no suffering, no lack, no disease or any other form of infirmity, all souls who belong here have eternal bodies that are perfect in every way, and they will never know any negatives at all.

The third downward level is unbearable to look at, this is reserved for the worst of the worst of humanity, it is also reserved for Satan and his fallen followers and Human worshippers, this is where the lake of burning sulphur is as well as the worst of the tormentors, there is no escape from here until God destroys and recreates everything at the end of time without Hell, or any possibility of any form of evil ever existing again.

I have already chosen the highest upward level, what is your choice?


As a Christian I know with an absolute certainty that God is good, He is perfection personified and His Love for every single human, past, present and future is perfect. God is not offended if you do not reciprocate His love, He loves us all whether we love Him or not, and it is not His will for anyone to be lost away from Him, but God doesn’t have control of whether I love Him, or anyone else loves Him, we have free will, we choose what path we walk and we are responsible for the consequences of our choices.

He has laid out a plan for our lives, it is a perfect plan that would have us join Him in Heaven when our time of being bound by mortality is finished, but we choose, each one of us individually, which way we go. If God was to control us like a puppeteer with marionettes, we would have no choice, there would be no reward or punishment based on our choices, we would be totally dependant on Him to do the simplest of tasks, but that is not who God is.

Now I will look at some scriptures from the word of God, and remember that God is His word, so I am getting the scriptures I need from Him.

According to the Third Edition of the New Bible Dictionary from Inter-Varsity Press. God is self existent, He is completely independent of creation, creation needs Him to continue existing, because He gives life to the universe itself. If the universe were to blink out of existence tomorrow it would not affect His existence.

In Exodus 3:14 God says to Moses “I am who I am”, or I am the one who exists within Himself. Isaiah 40:28-29 God is described as giving life and strength to every creature in creation, and every creature in creation (including us) is a receiver of this life and strength.

In John 5:26 Jesus spoke about God when He said “the Father has life in Himself, so He has granted the Son to have life in Himself”. How could the source of all life be evil? Evil seeks to terminate life, and Satan influences the hearts of people to terminate life, whether it is an inconvenient new life that came about from reckless self endangerment through unprotected sex, a murderer stalking a victim, a socialist or communist dictator who decides that all who do not fit into the boxes on which they want to shape a society must die, or an expansionist regime that deliberately starts a war against another country in an attempt to enlarge their own borders at the expense of life on both sides of the conflict. God gives life, John 10:10 says ‘the thief (Satan) comes for the purpose of killing, stealing and destroying. But I (Jesus) have come so that you may have life, and a full abundant life’, excuse the paraphrasing.

What about God’s nature? The same dictionary says that God is Pure Spirit, or intelligent energy, John 4:24 says ‘God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth’. notice it says ‘in truth’, evil lies and deceives, God cannot lie. Numbers 23:19 says in a prophetic manner ‘God is not a man, that He should lie, nor the son of man (Jesus), that He should repent’

God’s Character? His character is described in His names, no this is not a sign of a multiple personality disorder, they expressions of who He was, is and will be to His people, dependant on what the need is that has to be met by Him to help His people at the time the help is needed. Some of the names of God are translated from the ancient Hebrew and Aramaic to mean, Lord, God, most High God, Shield, Sword, healer, mighty banner, strong tower, Rock on which we stand, supply, provider, Saviour, redeemer, the God who hears His people, and many more.

Whereas Satan has names such as father of lies, the accuser, deceiver of nations, great red dragon, devouring lion, serpent of old, the beast in the books of Daniel , Ezekiel and Revelation and the Antichrist.

Notice that God has names that are protective, providing and nurturing, but Satan has names that are just the opposite, and as I covered in the first part of this blog, God did not create Satan, neither is God Satan. God is absolute purity personified, He cannot be in the presence of evil, if He were to allow Himself to be in the presence of evil, whatever is evil and whoever is evil would be completely destroyed, down to the smallest particle in the heart of an atom, because the energy that is God is so powerful in it’s purity that nothing that is not pure can be in the presence of the Creator that caused the universe to burst into existence when He spoke.

I know that I can enter into the presence of God through my Saviour, Jesus because of what was done for me on the cross, and through my decision to accept that this thing that Jesus did on the cross He did for me personally, He did so that once I accepted the truth of what happened, and who Jesus is, that I became part of Jesus, just as He is part of the Father.

Since that moment in time when I asked Jesus to be part of me through believing that He is the Son of God and that He took my punishment when He was scourged by the Romans, that all of my sin was hung on Him on the cross, that He died the second death for me so that I can be alive in Him, and that He rose from death at the word of the father, and led the way for me to enter into eternity with Him. Now when God looks at me He sees Jesus, pure and undefiled, just like Him, and He welcomes me into His embrace, and I can run into my Father’s arms without any fear at all.

Now tell me, How could the God who loves me with pure and unconditional love be evil in any way, shape or form? The answer is simple, He cannot be evil, you cannot have a well of pure, sweet water coming up with filthy water, even with a clear line of separation in the well, either the clean will overpower the filthy and make it clean, or the filth will pollute the clean and make it useless.

The time is fast approaching where no one will be able to live sitting on the fence, the fence is about to be torn down, either the individual will choose the purity of God and be saved from the trouble to come, or the individual will decide not to choose God, which will leave them at the mercy of Satan (who has no mercy).

If anyone would like to know who will have the final victory between God and Satan, read the book of Revelation.

I hope the reader can get some food for thought from this, and maybe join God’s family and eternity with Him.

God bless and keep you.

Bibliography. New Bible Dictionary third edition by Inter-Varsity Press, the New International Bible by Zondervan Press 1990 and the World English Bible (Messianic) in the Quick Bible App for Android.

What happens when we don’t forgive?

I want to have a look at the Lord’s prayer, and more importantly, the two following verses. Matthew 6:9-15.

The Lord has led me through His word, and by personal interaction on a journey in my own life to forgive others, and at times it can be very hard. Things happened to me as a child that should never happen to any child, that was a burden on my soul which was difficult to carry, but harder to let go of, but my God and saviour led me through His righteousness to a place of forgiveness, it was then that I was able to give my burden, my shame, hurt, sorrow, anger and bitterness over and into His hands for permanent disposal, and I haven’t looked back since, only up with continual praise for God in my heart.

Today 14/08/2018, I want to have a look at the Lord’s prayer, and more importantly, the two following verses. Matthew 6:9-15.

Vs 9, In this manner you should pray, this is the basic formula when you pray to the Father in the name Of Jesus, if you notice a pattern throughout the new testament, that is Jesus always says to pray to the Father in His name, nowhere does Jesus say to pray to Him.
Next part of the verse, Our Father who is in Heaven, Hallowed be your name, God in heaven, Holy is Your Name, worthy of all praise and honour, Name above all names, God of all gods, to You goes all the glory.

Vs 10, Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on Earth as in Heaven, Lord let your name be known throughout the Earth and let your Kingdom have more dominion in every heart every day, and Lord let your Holy Spirit flood the Earth and let Your will be known in every heart that knows you, and in everyone who calls on your Name for salvation throughout this your Kingdom so that it might be here as it is in Heaven.

Vs 11, Give us this day our daily bread, let the bread of life enrich our spirits as our minds are renewed by the washing of Your word as we read, remember and recite your word, and as we hear your word let our faith be strengthened, Your word says that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God, it also says that your Word is life to our spirits and health to our flesh.

Vs 12, and forgive us our debts (sins) AS we forgive our debtors (those who sin against us), think of the parable of the wicked servant Matthew 24:45-51, read it and think about how it relates to this passage, after you have read this discourse through.

Vs 13, and lead us not into temptation, the Lord will only tempt you to do good, He will put choices before you, which way you turn will depend on you, and He will allow you to be tempted be the world and Satan, but never beyond your ability to resist, if you get to weak He will help you get out, but you have to take His hand when He reaches out to you.
But deliver us from the evil one, deliver us from the power of Satan, the accuser of the brethren, the deceiver of nations, that dragon of old, the serpent in the garden, the hungry lion, God will always answer your call for help, as His word says, ‘who so ever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved’, not may be saved, or perhaps if God is not too busy, WILL be saved.
Yours is the Kingdom (on Earth and in Heaven), the power, the omnipotent power of God, the God who saves, the God who gives life to ALL, the uncreated God of all of creation, and the Glory, the everlasting unquenchable Glory of God the fills all who believe in Him to be seen by all of the spiritual host, forever, from time at the beginning to time immortal with the Lord in His eternal kingdom. Amen. So be it according to your word.

Vs 14, now comes the condition God put on your entry into Heaven,
For IF you forgive those who sin against you, your Heavenly Father WILL also forgive you, the word if is sets a condition on what follows in the rest of the sentence.
BUT (this should get your attention) BUT if you do not forgive those who sin against you, your Heavenly Father WILL NOT forgive you. This should scare the wits out of you if you have not forgiven anyone who has done anything wrong to you, even if it is only in your imagination, because if you do not forgive, in other words if you treat the work on the cross as being worthless because of your pride and arrogance by not applying the same grace that God showed to you before you were even conceived, then YOUR choice to refuse to forgive and thereby make the sacrifice of Christ as being worthless and not applying to another person, YOU WILL NOT BE FORGIVEN, and if you are not forgiven then you cannot be in God’s presence, because God cannot be in the presence of sin, and unforgiveness, which may be equal to blasphemy of the Holy Spirit by calling the work of the Holy Spirit ineffective by you choice, then think on this very carefully, YOU WILL NEVER SEE HEAVEN, YOU WILL NEVER BE HEALED AND NO PRAYER OF YOURS WILL EVER BE ANSWERED. God will not forgive those who do not, will not and refuse to forgive others, God offered the ultimate sacrifice on the cross to pay for all of your sins, it was and is the greatest act of forgiveness, refusing to forgive removes the work of the cross from your life, you stand separated from God, alone and unforgivable, until you choose to let go of your pride and forgive whoever has upset you in even the slightest way, even if someone has done the worst thing possible to you, you must forgive and leave the one who hurt you in God’s hands, and if they do not repent, then they have a problem with God, and God will dispense His justice, two short passages say ‘touch not the Lord’s anointed’ and another says ‘vengeance is mine says the Lord’. If any justice is to be dispensed it is for the Lord to Dispense, if you hold a grudge you only hurt yourself, as a quote said some time ago, holding a grudge (unforgiveness) against another person is like drinking poison and hoping the other person will die, guess what, you only harm yourself by separating yourself from God’s grace, mercy and forgiveness. Think about it very carefully and read the parable.

, this is the basic formula when we pray to the Father in the name of Jesus, there is a pattern throughout the new testament, that is Jesus always says to pray to the Father in His name, nowhere does Jesus say to pray to Him.

Next part of the verse, our Father who is in Heaven, Hallowed is your name, God in heaven, Holy is Your Name, worthy of all praise and honour, Name above all names, God of all gods, to You goes all the glory.

Vs 10, Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven: Lord let your name be known throughout the Earth and let your Kingdom have more dominion in every heart every day, and Lord let your Holy Spirit flood the Earth and let Your will be known in every heart that knows you, and in everyone who calls on your Name for salvation throughout this, your Kingdom so that it might be here as it is in Heaven.

Vs 11, Give us this day our daily bread: Let the bread of life enrich our spirits as our minds are renewed by the washing of Your word as we read, remember and recite your word, and as we hear your word let our faith be strengthened, Your word says that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God, it also says that your Word is life to our spirits and health to our flesh.

Vs 12, and forgive us our debts (sins) AS we forgive our debtors (those who sin against us): Think of the parable of the wicked servant Matthew 24:45-51, read it and think about how it relates to this passage, after you have read this discourse through.

Vs 13, and lead us not into temptation: The Lord will only tempt you to do good, He will put choices before each of us, which way we turn will depend on the individual, and He will allow me to be tempted by the world and Satan, but never beyond my ability to resist, if I get too weak He will help me get out, but I have to take His hand when He reaches out.

But deliver us from the evil one: Deliver us from the power of Satan, the accuser of the brethren, the deceiver of nations, that dragon of old, the serpent in the garden, the hungry lion, God will always answer a call for help, as His word says, ‘who so ever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved’, not may be saved, or perhaps if God is not too busy, WILL be saved.
Yours is the Kingdom (on Earth and in Heaven)

The power: The omnipotent power of God, the God who saves, the God who gives life to ALL, the uncreated God of all of creation.

The Glory: The everlasting unquenchable Glory of God that fills all who believe in Him, to be seen by all of the spiritual host,

Forever: From time at the beginning to time immorial with the Lord in His eternal kingdom.                               Amen: So be it according to your word.

Vs 14, now comes the condition God put on entry into Heaven,
For IF I  forgive those who sin against me, my Heavenly Father WILL also forgive me: The word IF sets a condition on what follows in the rest of the sentence.

BUT (this should get your attention) BUT if I do not forgive those who sin against , my Heavenly Father WILL NOT forgive me: This should scare the wits out of anyone, if I do not forgive anyone and everyone who has done anything wrong against me, even if it is only in my imagination.

If I choose not to forgive, in other words if anyone who calls themselves a Christian treats the work on the cross as being worthless because of pride and arrogance and by not applying the same grace that God showed to you before you were even conceived, then our choice to refuse to forgive and thereby make the sacrifice of Christ as being worthless and not applying to another person, YOU WILL NOT BE FORGIVEN.

If we are not forgiven then we cannot be in God’s presence, because God cannot be in the presence of sin, and unforgiveness, which may be equal to blasphemy of the Holy Spirit by calling the work of the Holy Spirit ineffective by our choice. Then we all need think on this very carefully, WE MAY NEVER SEE HEAVEN, YOU WE MAY NEVER BE HEALED AND OUR PRAYERS WILL NEVER BE ANSWERED. God will not forgive those who do not, will not and refuse to forgive others, God offered the ultimate sacrifice on the cross to pay for all of our sins.

It was, and is the greatest act of forgiveness, refusing to forgive removes the work of the cross from our lives, we stand separated from God, alone and unforgivable, until we choose to let go of our pride and forgive whoever has upset us in even the slightest way, even if someone has done the worst thing possible to any of us, we must forgive and leave the one who caused the harm in God’s hands, and if they do not repent, then they have a problem with God, and God will dispense His justice.

Two short passages in the book of Psalms say ‘touch not the Lord’s anointed’ and another says ‘vengeance is mine says the Lord’. If any justice is to be dispensed it is for the Lord to dispense, if I  hold a grudge I and only myself will be hurt, as a quote said some time ago, ‘holding a grudge (unforgiveness) against another person is like drinking poison and hoping the other person will die’, guess what, I only harm myself by separating myself from God’s grace, mercy and forgiveness. Think about it very carefully and read the parable.

Please think very carefully about the consequences of holding unforgiveness in your heart.

May God bless you, may He keep you safe in the palm of His hand and surround you with His unconditional love.

Ephesians 2:4-8 NKJV

Ephesians was penned by the Apostle Paul (or his scribe) for the church in the ancient city of Ephesus.

4. But God, who is rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us, 5. even when we were dead in trespasses, made us alive together with Christ (by grace you have been saved), 6. and raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, 7. that in the ages to come He might show the exceeding riches of His grace in His kindness toward us in Christ Jesus. 8. For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is a gift of God.

The breakdown and explanation.

Verse 4 talks about God and His great mercy, ‘which mercy?’ Some might ask. The mercy is that He has provided a way to resume the relationship Humanity had with God in the Garden of Eden, that relationship was one of family and close friendship.

The second half of the verse goes on to say ‘because of His great love with which He loved us’, in John 3:16 it is written ‘for God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.’, in the book of Genesis Abraham was asked by God to offer his son as a sacrifice, this was a test of Abraham’s faith in God.

As Abraham was nearing the mountain where the sacrifice was to be offered, Isaac asked his father where the sacrifice was, he said “here is the wood and the fire, where is the sacrifice?”, to which Abraham replied “God will provide Himself a sacrifice”, this was a statement of faith. Upon arrival Abraham set the wood in order and then bound his son ready for the sacrifice, he then raised the knife above Isaac ready to sacrifice, that was when God called out and said “do not harm the boy, see the sacrifice I have prepared”, when Abraham looked around there was a ram stuck by the horns in a thorn bush. Jesus was the lamb who was led to the to the slaughter, just like the ram caught by the horns in the thorn bush, Jesus was caught in the purpose for which He was destined, and He also had a crown of thorns hammered into the flesh of His head.

If Abraham had not acted in obedience and faith to God’s request, the precedence would not have been made which then allowed God to offer His Son on the altar of the cross, thus bringing me back into relationship with God. That sacrifice was the greatest act of Love Jesus could possibly do for all of us, that is He willingly agreed and obeyed when His Father asked Him to be an offering to permanently remove the stain of sin from whoever received the free gift that is a result of the sacrifice, that is everlasting life with God and in Jesus, this is the great love which with He loved all us.

The first half of verse five goes on to say ‘even when we were dead in trespasses’, it says dead, but I’m breathing, what could be meant by dead? I was dead to God, because God is perfection personified, and He cannot be in the presence of sin because sin is imperfection, trespass is the biblical word for sin, or wrongdoings. It goes on to say ‘made us alive together with Christ’. The word Christ is another biblical word which means ‘The anointed of God’.

Jesus was the first to receive the filling or inward anointing of God when He was baptised in the river Jordan, when He rose to His feet out of the water the Spirit of God came to Him in the shape of a white dove, the Holy Spirit then entered and became one with Him.

Jesus went on to spread the word of God’s kingdom throughout the land of Israel from that time until His crucifixion spreading the good news of the Kingdom of God, the Gospel.

The Gospel was spread and miracles were carried out by Jesus and the disciples, which they did up to the time Jesus was handed over to the Romans for crucifixion on the altar of the cross where He was sacrificed to pay the price for us all, and he did die on the cross.

It is written of Him in the Book of Isaiah 53 and in Psalms 22 that His death would be with the rejects of society, and His burial would be with the rich, which it was. He then descended into Hell for three days, a day was from six in the morning until six in the evening, and if he died at five to six, that would have been classed as one day. While in Hell He overcame Satan and took back the inheritance Satan stole from Humanity when he deceived Adam and Eve in the garden.

Verse six should be a reason for celebration for any Christian, ‘and raised us up together’, after Jesus defeated Satan in Hell, He was resurrected before ascending into Heaven, when He ascended He led captivity captive, this ‘captivity’ was known as Abraham’s bosom, which I believe was located between Heaven and Hell, it was a place where those who had died but had not lived evil lives waited for the day of God’s judgement, Jesus passed through there on His way to His resurrection and took all who believed Him.

He was the promised Messiah they had been waiting for. It is recorded in the bible that many of the early prophets and others who had died were seen walking and talking for forty days before Jesus’ ascension. Since that time the spirit of anyone who is in Christ goes directly to Heaven once they pass away due to the way being prepared by Christ, hence we are raised up together with Christ.

In the next section of the verse it says that we are seated together with Christ in Heavenly places. Jesus is the Son of God who is God Himself, this is because He is the word of God manifested in the flesh on Earth, God and His word are one and cannot be separated. We are in Christ, seated at the right hand of power (God), no God is not beside Himself.

God has three parts just we all do, which is how we are made in God’s image, He has a soul (the Godhead), His word was made flesh and is or should be the head of the church (His body), and He is a Spirit. We are a spirit, we have a soul and we live in a body, and being in Christ, we are seated with Jesus at the right hand of God who is seated on His throne. Jesus paid the price, He paved the way and He opened the gates so that we could be with Him for eternity, so long as we are in Him.

Number seven mentions His grace and kindness. Grace is something very special given to us by God, it is His unmerited favour given to us, we have received rewards we don’t deserve and didn’t earn, made possible by the sacrifice on the cross, we get given what we don’t deserve instead of what we do deserve, it is written in Romans 3:23 that all have sinned and fallen short of His glory, and having fallen short through sin.

Our punishment should be terrible, as in beyond description and eternal when we pass from this existence, but because of the willing and obedient sacrifice of the Saviour on the cross, we who have accepted that He paid the price for me and whoever chooses to accept that He did it for each one of us individually, and have accepted Him as Lord and Saviour, have been granted this special gift Grace by God.

The kindness that is mentioned comes from His love for us, a love that is perfect and without condition, He never withholds His love from us, we choose to separate ourselves from His love by choosing to follow our own hazardous way, instead of the safe way that leads into His loving embrace which He has planned for us from before time.

God is not responsible for the evil that is in the world, it is written in the book of Genesis just before the flood that God says “the thoughts and intents in the Human heart are continually toward evil”, the evil is our own doing at the inspiration of Satan.

Verse eight says that we are saved by grace through faith, but not from ourselves, it is a gift of God. This grace is the same as was mentioned in the previous verse, the grace which God gave to us which saw His Son pay the price for all of the sin of all of humanity for all of time on the cross for whoever will accept that He did it for them as individuals, took an act of faith to accept that what is written actually happened, and it happened for our benefit, each one of us individually.

This faith does not come from within ourselves, it is a gift from God, given freely to us in order to enable us to ask Jesus into our hearts and accept a better free gift, salvation and total forgiveness of all of our past, present and future sins, but as I mentioned in my last blog, refusing to forgive others for what they have done against us negates the work on the cross and exempts us from the gift of grace and salvation, which separates us from God for as long as we refuse to forgive, the good news is that once we let go of all that separates us from God’s loving embrace, His grace pours out all over us again and He is able to care for us. Simple isn’t it.

I hope you enjoy the read, and have food for thought going forward in life.

God bless you all.

Hebrews 4:11-13 NKJV

I will type out the verses, then open them up under the inspiration of God’s Holy Spirit who I rely on to give me understanding and wisdom from His word.

11. Let us therefore be diligent to enter that rest, lest anyone fall according to the same example of disobedience.

12. For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

13. And there is no creature hidden from His sight, but all things are naked and open to the eyes of Him to whom we must give account.

Let us therefore be diligent to enter ‘that’ rest, if you have a bible and open it to Hebrews 4:2-10 and you will see what that rest is. For those who do not have a bible handy, either digital or physical, this passage talks about the rest God had on the seventh day when creation was finished, when there was nothing more to do. As an aside for those who have an issue with the six days of creation and the seventh day for rest, and how long those days were, well there is no exact detail about how long each of these days were for God, after all He created the idea of time when he set the worlds in orbit around their stars, and when he separated day from night, made the seasons, set the moon in place to govern the tides, etc.

This the rest was refused to the children of Israel when they refuwandered in the wilderness for forty years because they were disobedient to the word of God. Just imagine a couple of million people wandering around in the wilderness, all bleating like a giant flock of sheep, any enemies would have been able to hear noise of their whining long before they saw the dust that was being kicked up (and I have Jewish ancestry, German Jew that was smuggled out during the Prussian rule, his son went on to fight for Australia in the great war). After forty years the next generation entered the Land that was promised to them by God through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel), and if the people had obeyed the orders given by God through Joshua after Moses’ passing, then they would have entered the rest they were due once the whole land, from the Nile to the Euphrates had been conquered.

But the rest that we enter into as Christians was paid for by the word of God that was manifested in the flesh, Jesus. This is something to wrap your head around, Jesus is the word of God made flesh, God and His word cannot be separated, and never have been until the Father turned His face away from His Son when He was made to bear all the sin of humanity for all of time in one moment of time for three hours on the cross, and the Father could not look at Him, because God cannot look on sin. Now as I was saying about God and His word, God is His word, Jesus is the word of God manifested in the flesh, which means that Jesus and God are one, Jesus is God, and when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour in our hearts, we become part of Him and He becomes part of us, and we are seated with Him at the right hand of God, then when we are filled with God’s Holy Spirit, the fullness of God comes into us, then it gets interesting, Jesus in us, us in Jesus, Jesus in God and God in Jesus, us in God through Jesus and God in us through the Holy Spirit, the perfect triangle. But if we are not in Jesus, then God will see sinful us and not come near us, however when we are in Jesus, God looks at us and sees Jesus, then He is with us, and that is the rest we enter into through Jesus, who wouldn’t want that.

In verse twelve it starts by saying that the word of God is living and powerful, as I have already discussed, Jesus is the word of God, and He is very much alive, I know this because He has shown Himself to me, just like He is doing to people from different religions all over the world, He is drawing them away from the religion they are a part of, and drawing them into a faith relationship with Him, and that is the difference between Christianity, no not the religious sects with all of their traditions that keep people from finding Jesus, real Christianity where everyone who is in Him has a individual and personal relationship with Him, remembering that He is the High Priest of our confession (Hebrews 3:1).

The next part of the verse talks about the word (Jesus) being sharper than a two-edged sword and what He can do,

1. Separate soul from spirit, your soul is your thought process, imagination and memory, your spirit is your direct connection to God, a physical connection with God is not possible without our flesh disintegrating into atomic particles, your spirit is also where you emotions and will are. At the time someone accepts Jesus as Lord and Saviour the spirit that is the eternal you is completely recreated in an instant, all of your past mistakes, sins, misdeeds are erased as far as God is concerned, you have a clean slate, people might remember what you did from any moment in time before you committed to Jesus, but God doesn’t.

2. Joint and marrow, this is not literal, after all you cannot walk about if you are disjointed, it is referring to the things you keep hidden from others, your deepest darkest secrets, God knows them all, and from the moment you yoke yourself to Jesus, a process begins which sees that which is darkness within you being exposed to the light, and as we all know darkness is the absence of light and is destroyed by light, and God’s light is all illuminating, it does not leave shadows.

3. Thoughts and intents of the heart, as you begin to study, or simply read God’s word in the bible, it begins to cleanse you, from the deepest depths of you heart, every box, hidden corner and locked room in your heart, and over time that which your have kept in your heart that is toxic to your existence is washed away, but only if you let God do it, and as your heart is cleansed, the way you think is changed, priorities change more toward family, swearing stops, it becomes easier to quit unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking, drugs, gambling and others, but only if you genuinely want to stop.

Verse thirteen is easier to explain, there is nothing on the Earth that God is not aware of, He is aware of every living thing, every spirit, there is nothing hidden from His sight, but there is nothing He can do for those who do not want Him in their lives, and there is nothing He can do about people who use their own free will to hurt others, He gave us free will, He did not make us to be programmable robots, each of us are responsible for what we do, not God.

At the end of our mortal lives we must each give an accounting of our lives, and if we are not in Jesus, our every action and the consequences must be answered for, and if we are not perfect, especially according to the way we judge others, then we are headed for Hell where the sinner is the BBQ, and the suffering there is beyond imagination, even the worst suffering on Earth is nothing compared to Hell.

Those who are in Jesus are judged for reward, this is due to being continually forgiven when they repent and ask to be forgiven, but any who have not forgiven everyone who has ever done them any wrong, even if it only an imagined wrongs, if any Christian has unforgiveness toward anyone when they die, they die a sinner and do not go up to Heaven, but down to Hell, because God cannot be in the presence of sin, and forgiveness negates the work on the cross and may be equal to blasphemy of the Holy Spirit by thinking yourself better than God and able to do the work of the Holy Spirit. So we had best learn to forgive everyone for everything, hold no grudges, let go of anger and love your neighbour as you love yourself, as Jesus commanded us.

I do not mind constructive feedback, I also welcome genuine questions, thank you for reading, thinking and receiving the blessing.

God bless you all.